Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Learn how to prune your fruit trees in a real garden!

Many fruit trees benefit from late Summer/Autumn pruning – when leaves still on the tree it’s easier to see where pruning is needed. However Winter pruning makes seeing the structure of the tree easier. Both times have their benefits!

At this workshop we discuss the principles of fruit tree pruning and how to make your pruning decisions.

With reference to the group’s needs, we look at around six different fruiting trees, vines or canes in the garden (chosen from student’s preferences) and see how to prune them to maximize harvest and minimize disease.

Please indicate your 6 preferences when booking, from; Apple, Blackberry (Thornless), Feijoa(including espaliered Feijoa), Grape, Kiwi, Mulberry, Olive, Persimmon, Pomegranate, Citrus and Raspberry.

Winter pruning is best for pruning pommes (Apples, Quinces etc), olives, grapes, mulberry and berries.

Bring your secateurs along to learn to sharpen and maintain your pruning tools whilst drinking tea and munching on fruity refreshments from the garden…