Toman, Produce & Cut Flower Garden – West Heidelberg

Choice 1
The brief for this garden was to be beautiful, full of edible plants and flowers for the house.

The recently modernized house is a dramatic backdrop for the pretty new edible garden.

The front garden is entered through a fragrant herb walk and grows abundant flowers for cutting.

Back garden beds are full of flowering herbs begging to be picked and used, with Society Garlic and Agastache jostling with Comfrey, Lovage and Sorrel. Evergreens such as Olive, Blood Orange, Strawberry Guava and Feijoa are beginning to give screening where needed.

Curved garden beds and a circular lawn echo the decking and verandah roof lines.

Angular timber beds with seating provide space for seasonal vegetables and blue stone flagstones allow the visitor to wander amongst the herbs.