Hogan, Strolling Garden – Coburg North

Photo from the Edible Eden website,


For this stately period home overlooking the Merri Creek, the garden called for a sensitive blend of natives and non-native plants.

The front is softly formal, with Box hedges enclosing a flowery garden.

In the back garden, granitic sand paths entice the visitor to wander though bird-attracting native and colourful non-native plants.

A frog pond attracts the locals, whose calls are heard at mating time and a small vegie patch supplies tomatoes and some essential greens. Herbs are scattered throughout the garden.


“Some 8 years ago Karen and her team totally transformed our back and front yards from barren wastelands where only desperate weeds would grow, into colourful, interesting and delightful gardens.  Since the initial plantings, Karen has returned to do garden maintenance and recently removed our front lawn and nature strip and replaced these areas with many varied flowering plants. In a short space of time these have grown beyond our expectations. Karen is experienced, professional, extremely knowledgeable, always enthusiastic and very personable. We appreciate Karen’s creativity and flair in garden design and her ability to translate our vague ideas into lush reality.” – Julie Hogan