Karen Sutherland Event Speaker

Karen Sutherland was born in country Victoria to a family of farmers and gardeners. Growing her own food from a young age, she has a lifetime of experience in horticulture, with the last 9 years focusing on edible and useful plants, with a special focus on Bush Foods and Herbs.

Trained at Melbourne Zoological Gardens and Burnley Horticultural College and a Permaculture Design Certificate with Bill Mollison, she continues to learn from her own ‘garden laboratory’ in inner Melbourne, with over 200 edible and useful plants. Her garden is open each year to the public as part of Open Gardens Victoria and is frequently featured on TV and in various publications.

Her business, Edible Eden Design, specialises in gardens for schools and communities. She writes for Organic Gardener and Green Magazine, is a regular guest on radio and teaches from home and in the community about edible gardening, bush foods and sustainable gardening generally.

A much sought after event speaker, Karen speaks on diverse topics. Her passion, bush foods and herbs is a common topic but you can also find Karen speaking about exotic plants, alternative farming, companion gardening, permaculture and the environment.

Karen is passionate about gardens that connect us with nature and each other.