Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Gardens, to inspire wonder and joy.

Fill the garden space with blooming nectar flowers all year round to attract butterflies, beneficial insects and birds. Karen loves to include Australian Natives in her gardens, incorporating them seamlessly into a design or providing an Indigenous alternative to a more conservative plan. Consulting, Design, Installation and Workshops available on Butterfly Gardens for schools, community and council groups.

Butterflies are attracted to native planting and discouraged by the use of pesticide sprays, they are encouraging more aware gardeners by their very being. They form part of a tight eco-system that includes plant pollination and provides food for birds and native lizards.

Butterfly gardens are attractive as butterflies, like us, love colour. Bold slashes of bright colour will attract butterflies along with scented plants.  Sensory Gardens and Butterfly gardens are often natural partners, particularly in school yards and children’s play areas.