Garden Frittata ingredients…….

Garden Frittata ingredients....
Garden Frittata ingredients….read on for recipe

  • Forage and fry some chopped spring onions and celery
  • Collect and whip up some freshly laid eggs, adding a dash of your favourite milk, (or water) and your current favourite saltand pepper (I’m using Provenance Growers Tassie sea salt and Native Pepper mix currently)
  • Harvest and chop some nutrient dense flat leaf parsley and colourful 5-coloured chard from your nature strip
  • Add the greens to the the pan with the spring onions, throw over a flourish of extra virgin olive oil and cook covered until greens are wilted
  • Cook off any extra liquid at high heat briefly, then turn down the heat and pour the eggs over the greens
  • Replace the lid and cook over low heat until eggs are set
  • I have to say that a cast iron fry pan works best for stove-top frittata
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